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Community Auction Services has provided a great product for our service auction needs. It is very affordable, is user-friendly, customer services is prompt and effective and, because it's Web-based, it is easily accessed by volunteers. I started out using spreadsheets, then wrote a database, then used a small system written by a UU who later quit supporting it. An now your program--I really like the Web-based feature; it has made everything go so much more smoothly. and we can wrap up the whole auction rather quickly. Hooray!
Andrea Heater, Auction Chair
Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne, Cheyenne, Wyoming
As a small organization, the One World Singers do not have a lot of resources to support a silent auction. However, with Community Auction Service's EasyAuction software we were able to maximize our profits and the evening ran very smoothly and efficiently. We recommend Community Auction Services and EasyAuction to any organization looking for a successful fundraising technique.
Peg Rocklin, Executive Director
One World Singers, Denver, Colorado
I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to use your software at our recent auction. We raised twice as much money compared to the prior auction and the software made it super easy! I especially liked that I could generate a catalog, bidder cards and a variety of reports. I also liked that I could download the data to Microsoft Excel. And having the ability to access the database over an Internet connection was awesome; it allowed several of us to do data entry at the same time. The software was well worth oura purchase and we plan to use it again next year. Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive and useful tool!
Stephanie Martin, Auction Chairperson
Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church, Woodinville, Washington
We purchased Community Auction Services' product EasyAuction for our congregation's auction this year and found the internet-based data system to be outstanding! It was wonderful to be able to give everything a more professional look and feel. We found it extremely easy and even fun to enter the pre-auction information...Two weeks prior to the auction committee members received intensive that our "computer people" would be ready...any time there was a question Sara was available via email or phone for quick answers...This year's auction was definitely more successful because of EasyAuction, the book Sold: How to Run a Great Community Auction, and from Sara Mellen's assistance.
Carol Bartz, Auction Chairperson
Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Bradenton, Florida
Community Auction Services' EasyAuction was an invaluable resource for our auction, from the first meeting with them to the day we sent out our last report. We loved the online donation forms, which saved our volunteers time in data entry and allowed our members to enter their donations form the comfort of home. The reports allowed us to track the donations as they came in, and then track the money as it came in too! The program was very user friendly, and helped our church to have the most profitable auction to date. We are looking forward to using EasyAuction for years to come.
Marci Sontag, Auction Chair
Jefferson Unitarian Church, Golden Colorado
Sara Mellen's work on the auctions at Jefferson Unitarian Church has been invaluable. In the last decade our auctions have raised more than $350,000. Her software makes it all doable. I enthusiastically recommend her. Besides, she is also a delight to work with.
Peter Morales, President, Unitarian Universalist Association
Former Senior Minister, Jefferson Unitarian Church, Golden Colorado
The Arvada Chorale has engaged Sara Mellen to run auctions for the past 5 years. Sara expertly advised on donation procurement, managed volunteers in preparation for the auction night, and achieved smooth setup, display, and checkout during the event itself. The Chorale benefitted from Sara's skills in the past - and hopes to do so in the future.
Dr. Keith Arnold, Artistic Director, Arvada Chorale
For many years Sara Mellen has been the organizational backbone for the production of our auction catalog, printing of our bid sheets, collection of data on donors and bidders, and producing bidder statements on the night of the auction. Her efforts allowed us to go from a slow, inefficient, labor intensive system to a well organized and efficient computerized system which produced bidder statements within half an hour of the close of the auction. Sara has been closely involved with every aspect of our auction and is the one person who is cognizant of all the factors which contribute to the success of a community auction. Her book provides well organized invaluable information for any organization wishing to raise money, and build community, with a group participatory auction. Her years of practical experience make this book an unparalleled blueprint for a successful auction.
John Bradford, Former auction chair, Jefferson Unitarian Church
Thank you for your assistance in helping us get our first silent auction together. Your knowledge of computer systems, auction processes, and of all of your "hands-on" efforts the evening of the event were a great comfort to me personally, AND our committee. When we didn't know what to do--a phone call (or e-mail) to you got us a quick answer. Your knowledge, professionalism, and quick response to EVERY ONE of our questions was the key to us getting things together on the "auction side". What a pleasure it was to work with you. We look forward to next year's auction already!
Drenea Starbuck, Kids Discovery Days Auction Chair
Jefferson Unitarian Church has benefited immensely over the years from Sara's expertise as she developed a computer program to run JUC's service auction. It's a very large project the success of which is crucial to our operation, and I totally trust Sara and her program to execute it seamlessly every year.
Cyndee Dries, Church Administrator, Jefferson Unitarian Church