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software is a web-based data system that allows nonprofit organizations to hold a professionally-run fundraising auction using volunteers. It is especially designed for church auctions, school auctions and other nonprofit auctions—any organization that sees holding an auction as a way to raise money for operating expenses or for a specific project.

EasyAuction™ was developed by Sara Mellen, author of SOLD: How to Run a Great Community Auction, and is the product of 11 years experience helping run auctions for a variety of churches, schools and other nonprofit organizations. She worked with several auction systems and found them inflexible and cumbersome. In addition, the cost of using these programs puts them out of reach for smaller organizations. EasyAuction™ is priced low enough that even the smallest auction can be run in professional manner.

Because the software is provided online, it can be accessed through any type of computer (PC or Mac) and using any browser. Data entry can be assigned to more than one individual, since the database is held on the Internet instead of individual computers. Our motto: Make more money and don't burn out your volunteers!

Among the benefits that EasyAuction™ can provide for your auction are:
  • Easy-to-use online data entry forms for bidders, donations, sales and payments.
  • Special organization logins for community members so that they can register for the event and donate items online from their own computer.
  • Customizable category lists, bid sheets, bidder cards, receipts and donor thank-you letters
  • Numerous reports, including but not limited to:
    • Lists of donors, bidders and items
    • Bid sheets
    • Bidder cards (3 different formats)
    • Attendance information
    • Oral auction paperwork including information cards for the auctioneer and runner sheets
    • Sales reports, both detail and summary
  • The ability to download information so that you can create your own custom forms (such as the catalog) and back up data locally.

Our prices are meant to provide a lot of value for a small price.  While other auction services take a percentage of your earnings, we have a flat rate based on the number of donated items:

  • Basic Package, includes 100 items: $300

  • 25 additional items: $25
  • If you purchase 100 additional items at a time, the price is: $80

  • For a 350-item auction, the pricing would be:

    • $300   Basic Package, 100 items
    • $180   200 more items
    • $ 50   50 more items
    • $530   Total Cost
Contact us for more information or check out our demo.

Note to purchasers of SOLD: How to Run a Great Community Auction: please type your promo code in the Details section of the contact form to receive your discount!

SOLD: How to Run a Great Community Auction

This book is the result of 11 years experience in running nonprofit auctions by author Sara Mellen, who started by helping her church run their auction. After branching out into running auctions for churches, schools and other nonprofits in Colorado and Arizona, Sara realized that nonprofits don't necessarily need to hire someone to run their auction - they need the tools to run them with volunteers. Her mission became providing those tools, and this book is a big part of that!

SOLD has ideas that are useful for running church auctions, school auctions, and auctions run by other nonprofits of any size or type; community groups will find many suggestions for using a fundraising auction to help build a more cohesive relationship among participants.

Among the topics covered are:
  • Auction planning, including planning the event and the technical process of running the auction.
  • Organizing your volunteers for maximum effectiveness - and minimum burnout.
  • Increasing both in-house and external donations.
  • How to prepare items for auction, including pricing and marketing.
  • Managing bidders.
  • Managing auction data.
  • Producing auction-night paperwork.
  • A timeline for the auction process, from pre-auction to post-auction tasks.
  • The ability to link to some credit card processing accounts for attendance fees and purchases.

In addition to the topics covered in the book, you'll find an appendix with a number of handy forms. You are also invited to visit the Downloads page of this website for your free download of templates that can be used for a small auction. Finally, there is a coupon in the back of the book for 10% off the use of EasyAuction™ software.

Price: List price is $34.95, but order for a limited time on the web for $29.95.

Consulting Services

Sara Mellen has been running auctions for 11 years for a variety of nonprofit groups both in Colorado and Arizona. Although a lot of her knowledge can be found in her book, SOLD: How To Run A Great Community Auction and her data solution, EasyAuction™ every auction is different. She can help you work your way through the morass of decisions and circumstances that make your auction unique.

Getting Started Package:
Three hours of consulting for the organization that has never run an auction. We’ll talk about an auction timeline, how to organize and optimize your volunteers, how to solicit donations and how to handle the data needs of the auction. Purchase of this package includes the book SOLD: How to run a great community auction. Cost: $200.

Auction Night Package:
Sara will provide three hours of pre-auction consulting via phone, email or web meeting, and will attend your auction to help you staff and volunteers implement your auction plan. Purchase of this package includes the book SOLD: How to run a great community auction. Cost: $700 plus travel expenses.

Hourly Consulting:
Get as much help as you need to help organize and run your auction. Cost: $75 per hour.

Online Special:
Take advantage of our introductory offer, for new clients only! Two, hour-long consulting sessions over the phone or via online webmeeting, only $100! Offer good through December 31, 2010. Contact us today to schedule your session.