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Community Auction Services was conceived by Sara Mellen, who found her passion for running auctions only Saraafter several careers, all of which have contributed to her ability to help run auctions.

After receiving her Master of Arts degree from the University of Illinois, Sara became a government planner. When that field dried up, she moved to Denver and worked for Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith for 15 years, where she became the office computer "geek." She started her own computer consulting business in 1998, offering various computer services including Microsoft Office training, template creation and Microsoft Access database construction.

Late in the 1990's she was asked to help with the auction at Jefferson Unitarian Church (JUC) in Golden, Colorado. Although the auction had been a yearly event for some time, it had not moved to the computer age, and operations were cumbersome. After a failed attempt using an auction software program, Sara developed a database in Microsoft Access, based on her knowledge of running the auction and with many suggestions from other auction committee members. Over the next few years, the system was refined and became an essential tool for running not only the JUC auction, but events held by other nonprofits in the Denver area with Sara's help.

In 2009, Sara began the process of making her auction software available to more people. With the help of a programmer, it was converted to a web-based system, now known as EasyAuction™. At the same time, she wrote the auction planning book, SOLD: How to Run a Great Community Auction.

Now, in 2015, 60 organizations have held auctions using EasyAuction™, and hundreds more have benefitted from the advice in SOLD.
Sara lives in Arvada, Colorado with her husband, Art Aspinall, a dog and two cats.